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College of Environment and Resources

Tel: 886-2-29089899-4600  

E-Mail: shojy@mail.mcut.edu.tw  

  • Educational Goal

The main educational objective of the College of Environment and Resources is to train students into chemical, biochemical, environmental and material engineers.

  • Curriculum

The curriculum and laboratory courses are designed based on both theoretical and practical consideration. With a so-called “sandwich” curriculum, which is an one-year practical training outside the school, students are able to accumulate working experience and to learn some practical knowledge that includes process design, operation, analysis, research, management, and production.

  • Program

Bachelor of Science

       Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering

       Materials Engineering

       Chemical Engineering

Master of Science

       Chemical Engineering

       Biochemical Engineering 

       Materials Engineering 

       Environmental Engineering 
  • Facilities

The college is well equipped with all the advanced as well as typical instruments for carrying out advanced research and reaching the excellence of teaching.

  • Faculty and Research Interests

The college currently has 52 faculty members, including 18 professors, 17 associate professors, 12 assistant professors, and 5 lecturers. The educational partnership is established through the cooperation of Technology Service Center with governments and enterprises. Research projects are also carried out through all kind of cooperation. Many of the research projects were re-compiled into teaching material in related courses. All the specific research topics can be seen in each individual department.

  • Prospect

The college is aiming at the progress in the areas of energy- and bio- technology, both in teaching and research, hoping to cope with the progress of other top universities.