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College of Environment and Resources

The College of Environment and Resources includes three departments, that is the Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Materials Engineering, and Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering. Our college has four master’s program, including the master's program in chemical engineering, biochemical engineering, materials engineering, and environmental engineering. The main goal of our college is to cultivate professional middle and high-level chemical engineers, biochemical engineers, materials engineers, and environmental safety engineers. The content of the course emphasizes equal emphasis on theory and practice, considering basic and professional courses, and pays special attention to experimental courses to cultivate students' practical ability. According to the sandwich teaching characteristics of our school, the whole year of off-campus internship in the second semester of junior year enables students to accumulate practical work experience and cultivate practical scientific and technological knowledge in various fields such as process design, operation, analysis, research, management and production. By establishing partnerships with public and private enterprises to jointly conduct industry-university research cooperation projects, and integrate the results obtained from industry-university cooperation into teaching materials, combine the content of the courses with the problems that the industry needs to solve, and to improve students’ interest in learning and the ability to solve industrial practical problems. The current graduate alumni of our college are outstanding in work or academic, and are highly praised by all walks of life. Looking forward to the future, the college will uphold the following mission statement: Cultivate scientific and technological talents with a "diligence and simplicity" attitude; Cultivate scientific and technological talents in chemical engineering, nanomaterials, biology and environmental safety and health; Develop interdisciplinary research characteristics; Strengthen industry-university cooperation and improve practical research and development capabilities. We hope that in the future our college will become the most distinctive college in Asia.